Freelance Card

Professional Freelancer Card That Talks Bout Your Genuine Identity Online & Offline As Well. A Gold & Silver Stamp On The Card Will Reveal Your Work Scope & Potentials To Accept Multinational Projects. The Issued QR Code Is The Direct Navigation To Your Profile; For Sure This Card Would Be Something Different From That Of a Debit Card Or An Employer's ID In Your Neighborhood.

WFA - User Authentication

Who Knows How Real You Are? You Could Be Faking About Previous Work; And Lying About Successful Projects. Is There Any Way You Make a Person Believe You? Wolf Freelance Is! It Will Assist Customer Scrutinize Your Profile Through Authentication Process. It'll Help Client Understand You Are Genuine Personality Managing Freelance Work Professionally. Be Careful, Wolf Freelance May Publicly Talk Regarding Your Fact Profiles!

Global Recognition

The Best Way To Start With Personal Branding and Become a Self-Made Personality Is Getting Locally and Globally Known. Wolf Freelancer Offers Wide and Global Recognition To Your Profile By Issuing a Gold-Stamped Card Professional Freelancer Card and Disclosing Profile Online To Reach Maximum Number Of Potential Clients.

Stand Out Today!

Which platform makes you so special seeing previous efforts? Could be linked.....Huh! Ofcourse Not. If you are a Freelancer we bring a different authentication and legitimate system to make you legitimate across the globe!

  • Wolf Freelance - Legal Identity
  • Previous Work - Honest Revelation
  • Promt Contact - Client Trust
  • Deadline Reach - More Projects
  • Best Performance - Branding You

Can't Deny It!

You Are: Efficient, Creative, Smart-worker, Well Qualified, Honest and Experienced for sure . Still Struggling to Make a Genuine Identity? Obviously, You Can't Hide It!!! Let's Make a Transparent and Sturdy Relation With Wolf Freelance straight-away!

What DO We Provide

Freelancer Card - Global Recognition

Genuine Freelancer Identity + Global Recognition

We bring a real person acceptable by customers who rarely believe in freelance work. This is because freelancer does not carry a genuine trust-able personality as customers or any company expects from. Wolf Freelance makes freelancer's identity proven and solid than any other employee or professional.
Plus, card encloses your eligibility to accept international projects.

Let Customers Reach You

Surety! Customer could authenticate Freelancer and Freelancer's Previous Work through 'WFA Number' to make sure the person is genuine & trustworthy [WFA to be generated on application]. Customers may contact you straightaway after knowing the authentic identity of a person.

Loan Availability + Customer Support

There rarely exists any entity that provides loan to Professional Freelancers, because they don't count freelancers as genuinely designated person. Wolf Freelance has made it possible offering funds without asking for salary slip, collateral or any company data.
We only require ID Proof & additional document (if asked) to endow amount within 5 working days.

With Global Recognition: Gold Stamp (Front)

Local Provisions

Freelancer Card - Local Recognition​

Freelancer Identity (Genuine) + Local Recognition

Building up strong identity of a professional like you that has sufficient scope of being recognised locally i.e. within the country.
Card encloses your eligibility to accept local projects within the nation.

Let Customers Know You

Once your profile is ready to get live on the web it's damn sure customers will check on your identity through WFA Number, to be genuine or not. On authentication freelancer's ID becomes legitimate to handle customers projects thereafter.

Customer Support (Email Only)

For any queries, update or alteration you may reach us through jotting email only.

With Local Recognition: Silver Stamp (Front)

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Professional Freelancer Card
With Local & Wide Recognition Starting @ ₹721

What Does a Freelancer Expect? Desire For Respect & Genuine Identity For Potential Work.
Place Where Clients Authenticate, Trust & Appoint You. Why Don't You Think To Brand Yourself!

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