Wolf Freelance


Privacy Policy

Wolf Freelance does not intend to reveal sensitive information of a user unless user himself decide to disclose email and contact details. Professional card of a user is linked with online profile presence that basically encloses required professional information that needs to be shown for authentication of the person. Other private info viz. password or alteration of profile ain’t permitted publicly.


Payment Policy

Acceptable payment modes inclusive of Net Banking and PayPal are legal authorized modes of payment. Any issue occurs while transacting is a subject to change of method i.e. another mode of payment can be arranged in such a circumstance.


Cancellation Policy

Once transaction is successfully processed; order can be immediately cancelled dropping an email or through contact form. Note: Allowed cancellation period is within 24 hours from the hour order placed for the product or service. Cancellation request placed after 24 hours cannot be processed, this is because executives start reviewing user details and process card issuance after 24 hours only.


Refund Policy

Refund is possibly made if order is cancelled within 24 hours of placing order or purchase of service. Later than 24 hours could unfortunately be impossible due to user review and card issuance procedure that takes place the next day. Generally amount to be refunded is credited back through same payment mode within 7 working days (only if requested within 24 hours of order placed).


Card Re-Issuance Policy

A. Card can be re-issued for Free in following circumstances only:

  1. When user has ‘5 Year Connection’ Plan
  2. Upgraded to ‘5 Year Connection’ Package
  3. Delivered or Lost at Wrong Address (at Wolf Freelance end)
  4. Improper Issuance Of Card
  5. Spelling or Other Errors
  6. QR Non-Accessibility Note: In Such Case Card Needs To Be Delivered To Wolf Freelance Office For Examining

B. Paid re-issuance of card in following scenarios:

  1. Lost or Damaged Card (at user end)
  2. Handover to Unauthorized Person & Misplaced
  3. QR Non-Accessibility – If Scratch Is Seen On The Card (at user end)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Joining Wolf Freelance is considered as an ordinary member unless verified and authenticated by the team.
  2. Only Verified Professional is considered as ‘Genuine’ member capable and deserving of ‘Wolf Freelance Professional Card’.
  3. Card won’t be issued unless a user submits required details and complete the profile giving 100% accurate info.
  4. Previous & current experience and work records needs to provided and maintained in order to keep profile updated.
  5. Once user apply for the Freelance Card becomes a candidate eligible for verification; hence should provide legal identity documents in order to proof oneself a genuine personality.
  6. Documents submitted by applicant are kept confidential; and are only asked at the time of application of the card.
  7. WF card comes with a validity; once expired, the members status is showed as ‘Inactive Freelancer’. Only on renewal the status gets back to original ‘Active’ profile.
  8. Wolf Freelance is not responsible if the card is stolen, damaged or mis-handled by the authorized user. WF can issue a new card generating new WFA number on free/paid request depending on the circumstances.
  9. Wolf Freelance is not responsible to help you find a job or project or client or leads. It will only issue your card based on your legal documents and provide a legal identity so that companies or clients trust you.
  10. Wolf Freelance is a non-governmental formation and completely based on privatization and activities.
  11.  WF generated WFA number or card should not be considered as debit or credit card. It is only Identity-Cum-Genuine Personality card anticipating to assist unrecognized professionals getting authenticated online.