Wolf Freelance

Problems Customer Face

Not even a single client hire freelancer without research and knowing background history. The first major queries arise in the mind of a customer, before hiring one are:

This question could sound a bit point-less but drills the mind of a client. Normally every agency, consultancy, small & big companies have legitimate address and office where a customer could visit and meet in person. That is more about a genuine location of the business. 

In the case of freelancers, customer doesn’t know where the guy lives or what is the current address of the f-lancer to begin generating trust.


Wolf Freelance is more concerned about building up trust factor between a freelancer and a client. The first prime step towards a strong bonding starts from a place where freelancer operates work from. It could be home, cafe or any space. Wolf Freelance displays all of the required location details where freelancer currently operates work from. 

Imagine, a customer gets a website developed, after 6 months it creates a technical issue because of which users aren’t able to sign up on the site. 

Worse to Worst freelancer ain’t available for next 1 week to solve the issue. How hard it would be to tackle the situation? 


Well, there’s no such service available on the web that encloses the exact time to contact freelancers. Wolf Freelance has made it possible. Customers would get to see available days and time to get in touch with freelancer. 

Further, Wolf Freelance would never let any freelancer to join who intends to take more than two off days. 

Besides all aspects, the most important scenario comes when a freelancer has to complete a project before the deadline. No matter whether it’s a company, individual client or clients of client. 

Non-accomplishment of work basically would affect the reputation of client’s business; and don’t want that to happen.


To assist customers getting project done on time Wolf Freelance will keep intimating freelancer about the necessity and time limitation of work.

Even if it doesn’t work we may publicly disclose the status of particular f-lancer as ‘Worst’ with TRUST ISSUE; that may have a negative impact on freelancer’s future work.

For sure a client would get confused if such a thing happens; and foresee nowhere to go, whom to claim? 


The best of best solution is to communicate with freelancer and calmly resolve the conflicts. 

If  a customer fails in obtaining losses incurred by freelancer, wolf freelance could cancel the Freelancer Card & Authority changing the status to ‘Worse Services Offered’. This could be only possible on understanding the real scenario. Further, all services to such freelancer would get barred.  

Note: Wolf Freelance Ain’t Responsible For Any Transaction That Takes Place Between Client and the Freelancer. Any Dispute Between, Needs To Be Resolved By Both The Parties Without Expecting Wolf Freelance’s Involvement. 

Wolf Freelance Can Only Deal With User Authentication, Genuine Visibility and Fund Provision.