Freelancer Card – Local Recognition : 1 Year Connection

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Card Size: 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm

For the very first time the genuine identity of freelancers has come into existence.

Is this the scenario where you work harder than an employee working at the company, but no one even know you or still you got no respect for the work you do? 

Let’s end this up!

Wolf Freelance has brought a massive project only for Dedicated & Professional Freelancers, Bloggers and Vloggers to present themselves respectfully.

No more hesitation to introduce yourself as a Professional Freelancer or Blogger.

Features Of ‘Wolf Freelance Card’:

  • Smart-Card Identity-cum-Surplus Card
  • 7 Digits WFA Card Number to Authenticate a Professional (whether card holder is genuine professional)
  • Silver Badge / Stamp Of Local recognition
  • Comes With a QR Code or / Black Magnetic Strip Behind
  • Availability Of a Genuine Profile Of Card Holder On Trusted Identity Makers Site 
  • Comes With a Validity Of 1 Year (Renewable after an year to maintain credibility)

Users & Clients may view your work profile using unique WFA card number available.  

Surplus in the form of Cash or Digital transfer is offered to the professionals on achieving niche related projects (only for old members).

Process Of issuance Of Card:

  • Select Card Type 
  • Pay Set Amount (Net Banking / PayPal)
  • Provide Details Of Your & Work Relevant Info To Be Printed On the Card
  • Provide Details To Make Your Card Eligible For Local/Global Recognition (depending on the plan selected)